Atlanta, GA CPA firm

Atlanta, GA CPA firm

Outsourced Controller and CFO

Atlanta Outsourced CFO

Growing businesses reach a point where they need the financial insights of a high-level professional, but aren't ready to invest in hiring on a CFO or Controller. The solution is the outsourced CFO and controller services for evolving businesses from FairShare CPA®. If your business needs a professional financial officer before your budget allows bringing someone on board, consider using the outsourced controller/CFO services offered by our Atlanta CPA firm.

Our clients rely on us to provide all the functions of an in-house CFO, including forecasting, budgeting, tax planning, financial analysis and much more. Many start with a few services and add more as their needs expand.

Part-Time CFO and Controller Services

Advisory and Project-Based Services

We don't charge a fee for an initial consultation with prospective clients, so call FairShare CPA® at 678-329-3989 for a confidential appointment. We'll take the opportunity to learn more about your business and look for areas where our expertise can help you get better control of your financial future.